Posted by: jmark | March 5, 2009

Worth listening to…Don Carson

Mark Dever interviews Don Carson about his books – sounds tediously dull, but Don Carson has written some of the best books across a wide range of subjects for Christians.

Think of it more as an introduction to Carson’s books and what to look for. Its also has a couple of great insights into the man himself.

You can find it here

My picks of Carson’s books are:

Difficult Doctrine of the love of God – short and very sweet.  Top notch theology in asmall space.

Sermon on the Mount – first Carson I read

Basics for Believers – Philippians

A Call to Spiritual Reformation – Studies in Paul’s prayers which will deeply change your prayer life.

Letters along the way – as Dever notes a ridiculously underrated book, full of wisdom for students and anyone starting the Christian life.  Set in the form of letters to a young Christian.

King James Version Debate – sanity reigns amidst the silliness

John – Not like his other commentaries, this one is a biggie – but top notch.



  1. Greetings Mark,

    It’s been a long time, and, I would certainly not be surprised if you don’t remember this bearded man from the States who had the privilege of meeting you and the Pastor’s prayer group that met in your home, as I was brought along by Derek Hutchinson several years ago. I trust all is well…

    I will first offer my agreement with your comments on Don Carson…I have read several of the book you listed, and enjoy and benefit greatly from listening to his lectures.

    Most importantly however, I wanted to share a brief (…well, as brief as possible…) story related to one of your posts from several years ago…a post about Fredrick Leahy, and specifically, his book “The Cross He Bore.” On your recommendation, at that time, I bought and read the book, and I was truly blessed. It’s one of those books I keep going back to…just because…

    This past February…the 22nd…my Mother died after a long series of illnesses. Her faith in the Lord was a blessing to many a doctor and nurse through her hospitalizations. What I wanted to share with you is that on February 22nd, as I sat with her…too weak to speak or move…after everyone else had left for the night…I sat by her bedside with “The Cross He Bore” in hand…and began, again, to read… Even as I started, I was reminded of so much of the blessed truth of our Savior’s matchless love…I paused my reading…looked over at my Mom, and reminded her…”You know what He’s done for you…so, you don’t have to be afraid…” I looked back at the book…then…back at her…and she breathed her last…and went in peace to Him.

    How like our gracious and loving Father to provide such a blessed and sacred time in Him…

    Since that night, I’ve wanted to let you know of the blessing you passed along with that post…

    Thank you…and, may Our Lord continue to Bless you…as only He can…

    By His Grace, and for His Glory,

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