Posted by: jmark | February 22, 2009

Things I dislike – Graceless Calvinists

(There’s probably an ironic kickback in the title somewhere!)

One of the problems with people finding the beautiful clear refreshing God-centred streams of the Bible’s teaching on God’s sovereignty in salvation is that it goes to their head.

Literally to their head – bypassing their heart.  It makes such beautiful sense, that ironically they begin to think that they discovered it, and that with simple brainpower alone it can be battered into the skull of anyone they come across.

But if it has only grabbed your head, and not yet your heart, then you aren’t ready to explain it to anyone–because you don’t get it.

Here’s a cracking cartoon which makes the same point.  Read and enjoy.



  1. Yeh, the doctrines of grace should be a killing blow to our pride. Its difficult to walk with a swagger when we realize we are totally dependent upon God.
    Yet we so often do!

  2. Yep indeedy! I suspect that when we swagger its because we pride ourselves too much in ‘our clear thinking’ forgetting that it was revealed to us in in God’s word

  3. Yeh, our ‘clear thinking’ & i think we have a tendency to become somewhat self righteous forgetting as you say any knowledge is because God revealed it, ~& it’s Christ’s righteousness that really counts, ours isn’t really up to that much, and if it is its because God’s Spirit has worked in us.

    Oh to constantly remember that its all of grace, to perminently dwell where the cries of Calvary can be heard!

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