Posted by: jmark | February 4, 2009

The best version of Hallelujah

Ok – so I’m a Leonard Cohen fan, yet could never really give a big thumbs up to his confused ramblings on Hallelujah.  But here’s a version of Hallelujah that I can ‘almost’ endorse:



  1. crazy funny! Figured I would comment since I have been following for a long time from the US and haven’t commented in probably a year. Keep posting brother.

    • thanks Karen – it must have been dry following for the last year or so then!! Not much going on at this end! Will try to improve the service

  2. I ended up putting you on my google reader d/t I was getting carpal tunnel putting the web address in my browser and to no avail! *sigh* 😉

  3. That must mean that you’ve read all the archives and were waiting for new material – well done 🙂

    Part of the problem is that I was using the blog as an outlet for newspaper articles and sermons while we had no church websites.

    Also I’ve stopped typing my sermons and use handwritten notes, so there are fewer sermon extracts to post

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