Posted by: jmark | February 3, 2009

What’s the point of having a messenger if you don’t listen to the message?

I caught the tail-end of a discussion on Highland radio yesterday about angels.  The woman on was talking about how they left feathers and coins to let her know they were there.  She talked about how they were there for her to pray to and to ask for help from.  But they wouldn’t particularly intervene unless you asked them to, unless you acknowledged them.  And once you did, that seemed to open up a whole doorway of angel experience.

The thing that intrigued me was that she started off by (correctly) explaining that the word ‘angel’ comes from Greek, and means ‘messenger’.  She explained (correctly) that they are God’s messengers.

The thing that I found strange then was that if they are God’s messengers – why are they at my beck and call to perform what I want?  And if they are God’s messengers, what’s the message that God is trying to communicate through them, and why aren’t these angel fans talking about the message more than the messengers?

If I get a message in the post, I dont wax lyrical about the qualities of the paper.  If I get a message hand delivered from Bono I don’t start a fan club for the delivery boy.  I want to know what the message is!!

Of course added to all this is the fact that angels in the bible don’t run around leaving pink feathers on people’s pillows, rather they have to tell everyone they meet “Don’t be afraid”–that doesn’t sit too well with pink feather carrying.

Add to it this–why do I need an angel when I can know the angel-maker?

Add to it this–why would I bother too much with angels when the book of Hebrews spends it’s opening chapter telling me that Jesus is superior to the angels?

I do believe in angels, but as the mighty servants of God described in the Bible, sent to do his will, and to communicate His message, who always refocus attention back on God.



  1. “In Scripture the visitation of an angel is always alarming; it has to begin by saying ‘Fear not.’ The Victorian angel looks as if it were going to say, ‘There, there.'” – C. S. Lewis

    • Ah-ha – just the quote i needed – thank you!

  2. Read the title first of all as ‘What’s the point in having The Messenger’ – thought it was mildly harsh! Like I know we don’t have a colour photo on the front cover and all…

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