Posted by: jmark | January 31, 2009

Top Books of 2008

Here are my top picks from the books I read in 2008. Perhaps you’ve already read these, but if not I’d suggest you add them to your list:

Tim Keller – The Reason for God

Easily the top book of the year – a thoughtful and intelligent look at the arguments for Christianity.  Keller is well-read and yet manages to present his arguments winsomely and simply.

Polishing God’s Monuments – Jim Andrews

His daughter is struck down by one mystery illness after another, and this father-pastor’s heart is stretched to breaking.  This book is an examination of theology in the crucible of suffering.  Does the bible’s teaching on God stand the test of deep inexplicable suffering?  The book alternates chapters between his daughter’s story and letters he wrote to his congregation teaching them about suffering.  Easily my second best book of 2008.

The Christian in Complete Armour – William Gurnall

It was well worth the discipline of reading through this one of hte easier puritans.  Mighty stuff.  What I need to do now is go back through it, underline the bits I marked and see it I can retain it better!

Promoting the Gospel – John Dickson

A great book from Dickson towards a more balanced and biblical view of evangelism.  We aren’t all called to be in-your-face evangelists (whether anyone is called to that is questionable), or even called to fit into the mould of those who find it easy to strike up a conversation about the gospel.  Dickson shows the way that evangelism works in the context of the local church.



  1. Were did you get Polishing God’s Monuments?

    • I think our bookshop has it

  2. If anyone’s interested in Polishing God’s Monuments, there’s a special offer on my blog with Inspire Books:

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